Memory Prevention workshops from Nice

Clinical and basic researches conducted in the previous years showned that nutrition, physical and cognition exercices as well as social activities are very important in order to prevent Alzheimer disease.

The city of Nice in partnership with the CMRR provides memory prevention training with psychologists from the CMRR.


The aim of these workshops is to stimulate memory and the entire cognition circle, to help socialization to reassure on non important cognition difficulties and to provide better self esteem.

During these workshops, psychologists trained in neuropsychology will propose both cognitives exercises (memory, attention,…) and a training on how memory works.


These workshops are intended for people who wish to improve their memory in group activities (no more than ten participants). In order to have homogeneous groups, participants have to fulfil some criteria :


Each workshop consist in twelve weekly sessions (1H30). The first one and the last one will be a cognition evaluation.

Duration : Twelve weekly sessions (1H30).
location : Mairie de Nice


Secrétariat du pôle santé de la mairie de Nice
Tel : 04 97 13 21 40
Mlle Elsa LEONE (psychologist)
Tel : 04 92 03 47 76
E-mail :
Mlle Nathalie BORDONE (psychologist)
Tel : 04 92 03 47 74
E-mail :
Mme Isabelle MASSA (assistant)
Tel : 04 92 03 47 70
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