Reminiscence therapy and psycho-education for care providers

Since many years the CMRR from Nice set up weekly memory workshops.

A psychologist manages this workshop and uses reminiscence therapy (remaining ancient memories) with patients with Alzheimer disease or related diseases. The main objective is to improve self esteem and stimulate social relationship and communication.

In parallel, a speech therapist take care of the care providers. All along, the clinical characteristics of the disease are presented as well as all the information needed to better understand this pathology. Advice, careful listening and interactions between care providers are key factors for this program.

Duration : 1h30
Location : Every Thursdays in Mossa pavilion, Cimiez Hospital, Nice 

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Mme. Christelle FILLEAU (psychologist)
ou Mme. Valérie LAFONT (speech and language therapist)
Tel : 04 92 03 47 74
E-mail : or
Mme Isabelle MASSA (assistant)
Tel : 04 92 03 47 70
E-mail :