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CMRR has 4 inter-related missions :


Consultations and daycare hospital, for the diagnosis, follow and management.

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Clinical research
Drug trials, non-pharmacologic trials
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Cobtek team "Cognition Behaviour Technology"
Research on new technology, Information and Communication Technologies
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Trainings for professionals (working in public and private practice).

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CMRR main activity is the diagnosis and management of cognitive and memory disorders. CMRR has also an expertise in cognitive disturbances associated to Down syndrome, concussions in sport activities and rare neurodegenerative diseases.

Nowadays, memory and behavior disorders can be objectively assessed through clinical examination, neuropsychological tests, biological examinations and brain imaging.

These assessments often lead to the prescription of appropriate treatments.


Consultations may have several objectives :

Consultation at CMRR

Nice CMRR offers four types of consultations :

Single consultation
Consultation performed by a specialist for memory problems or for other cognitive disorders or for behavioral disorders.
Multidisciplinary consultation
Consultation that involves several stakeholders, including a medical specialist and a neuropsychologist who performs a brief evaluation of cognitive functions.
Neuropsychological assessment
The assessment is done separately by a neuropsychologist.
Daycare hospital
In addition to the multidisciplinary consultation, the Daycare hospital proposes a complementary assessment (biology, imaging, in-depth evaluation of cognitive functions) and a clinical synthesis.

Consultation at the Memory Center closest to you

There are several Memory Centers around you where you may go for a memory consultation.
You can consult the list on the website of the Mederic Alzheimer Foundation ➡️ Consult the list

Cognitive workshops

In order to help patients and carers, CMRR sets up different workshops :



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