Are you apathetic ?

Emotional blunting ?
Lack of initiative ?
Lack of interest ?

Emotional blunting

Do you have the impression of being as affectionate as usual ?

Do you express your emotions ?

Emotional blunting

Loss of, or diminished, emotion

Lack of initiative

Do you spontaneously begin a conversation ?

Do you make decisions and initiatives ?

Lack of initiative

Loss of, or diminished, goal-directed behaviour

Lack of interest

Do you have points of interest ?

Are you still interested by other people’s activities or projects ?

Are you interested in your friends and family members ?

Lack of interest

Loss of, or diminished, goal-directed cognitive activity

Major difficulties




If you have a score higher than 3 during more than 4 weeks, please contact your doctor.


Apathy is a lack of motivation in behavior, cognition and affect.
Subjects with apathy do less,think less, feel less in relation with goal-directed events.
In other words apathy is a disorder of the initiation, direction and intensity of goal-directed behavior.
Apathy is common in many neuropsychiatric disorders need to be assessed.

The principle of the Apathy Inventory (IA) is to obtain information on the presence of apathy
At the time of the first assessment questions deal with behavior changes having appeared since the beginning of the disease. Behavior traits found throughout the life and not having changed are not taken into account, even if they were abnormal.


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