Definition nice

CMRR means Memory Resource and Research Centre. It corresponds to the criteria in the DHOS circular from April 16th 2002 related to the implementation of the action plan for patients suffering from Alzheimer Disease and related disorders.

Since 1990, the CHU of Nice is evaluating memory disorders. The clinical and research activities put in place thanks to the collaboration between geriatry, neurology and psychiatric departments led in December 2002 to the official accreditation of CMRR.

The team from the Memory Centre is a member of the European Alzheimer disease consortium as well as of several scientific societies and actively participates in the development of the Alzheimer national plan missions.


The CMRR has four missions interconnected.


The CMRR provides consultations and day care units for diagnosis and treatment (medication and non-pharmacological management).


The CMRR offers courses for medical team, paramedics, and practitioners working or not in institutions or ambulatory hospitals as well as for trainees (Inter-Universities diploma, video-teaching).

Network Activities


  1. Basic research in partnership with the Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Institute, the National Institute of Informatics and Automatism Research (INRIA) and Stanford University
  2. Clinical research on :
    1. Behavioral disorders
    2. Development of evaluation tools for diagnosis, prevention and treatment, including development of new technologies (ex. GPS, Actigraphy)
    3. Non-pharmacological management for behavioural disorders (e.g.. TNM study run in Nursing Home)
    4. Development of the electronic medical file Calliope as part of the measure no. 34 of the National Plan on Alzheimer Disease involving the CMRR, the Public Health and IT Department of Nice University Hospital as well as the University of Medicine.
    5. Clinical trials on new drugs and institutional trials